Wildlife Awareness in Your Big Backyard

2-wildifeThe remote wilderness feel of The Club at Spanish Peaks is one of its special draws and one of the reasons members and guests choose this area over any other in the country. The choice to live in beautiful and wild spaces means we also share them with wild animals. Most of the animals are simply foraging for food to survive our winters and don’t want anything to do with humans; however, here are a few tips and tricks to coexisting with our furry neighbors.  

Tips for Getting Along with Bears:

  • Store trash in a bear proof bin and never leave it outside.
  • Make sure your vehicle is clear of food wrappings and supplies.
  • After using the grill, make sure it is cleaned and all utensils and plates are taken inside. 
  • Carry bear spray when walking on trails and in remote areas.
  • Talk loudly or sing to let animals know you are approaching.
  • When you see a bear, keep a safe distance, turn around or find another way to go.
  • Never break the plane between momma bear and her cubs, not even on horseback.
  • Most of the bears we see at The Club at Spanish Peaks are black bears. They are usually shy and more scared of us than we are of them. If residents follow these rules and limit the bears’ access to food on property then the trouble with bears should be limited.

Tips for Getting Along with Moose:

  • Never feed a moose.
  • Never get between a cow and her calf.
  • Give moose at least 50 feet. If it doesn’t yield as you approach, give it the trail.
  • If a moose lays its ears back or its hackles rise, it’s angry or afraid and may charge.
  • If a moose charges, there are few options available to you but it has been suggested by many others to simply get behind a tree. A theory stands that you can run around the trunk faster than the gangly moose.

  Tips for Coexisting with Wildlife:

  • Never feed any animal. If they begin to rely on humans for food they will lose their natural foraging instinct.
  • Keep all pets on leashes and never let them chase a wild animal. The animals will lose precious energy they may need later.
  • Always drive cautiously because you never know what may be standing in the road around the next bend.
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